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How much does eConferenceWare cost and will my return on investment (ROI) be enough so I can justify paying for it?

The answers to these two questions are "Significantly less than what you spend on the manual process you use today" and "YES!" If the ROI isn't there, eConferenceWare isn't the right solution.

How much does it cost?

Pricing for eConferenceWare is broken down into three fees. This is done to make eConferenceWare affordable to every conference. There is a start-up or first conference fee which includes the software changes needed to customize eConferenceWare for your conference. There is a fee for each subsequent conference. Then there is a volume fee that is only included if your conferences uses eConferenceWare to process more than 1200 papers and/or registrations for a single conference.

In addition to a single conference application, discounted eConferenceWare licensing options are available for organizations that need support for multiple conference.

For a detailed pricing quote for your conference, please Contact Us!

Will my return on investment (ROI) be enough so I can justify paying for it?

As you can imagine, formulating an exact answer to this question is impossible. However, based on some market research and the real effects as seen by ITherm 2000, we can try to put some numbers and information together to help you answer the question for yourself. The numbers shown below are not ficticious; they were provided by ITherm 2000. These numbers represent one conference that has already completed and shown the results of using eConferenceWare.

Incorporating a feature like eConferenceWare into your conference offering should yield the following benefits:

    Increased number of attendees
    Increased number of papers submitted
    Increased participation from reviewers
    Increased participation from exhibitors
    Increased number of proceedings sales
    Reduced workload for conference personnel
    Reduced number of long distance calls for conference personnel
    Much more efficient response and turn-around times
    Reduced cost for printing and mailing

Now the challenge is putting a dollar figure next to each one of these benefits to calculate a ROI.

Cost Savings
Estimated 40% reduction of conference staff time for handling registrations, exhibitor information, proceedings purchases and paper submissions.    $25,000
Estimated 90% reduction printing and mailing fees via U.S. Postal Service.    $25,000
Significant reduction in long distance telephone calls.    $1,500
Estimated time and money savings by outsourcing website development and maintenance to eConferenceWare.    $10,000
Total Estimated Cost Savings Per Publication    $61,500

Estimated 40% increase in the number of papers submitted resulting in more attendance and exhibitor participation.    $10,000
Estimated 70% increase in the attendance - both online and at the actual conference.    $50,000
Estimated 50% increase in the number of exhibitors.    $30,000
Estimated income from exhibitor online advertising sales through website banners.    $10,000
Total cost savings from above.    $61,500
Less cost of eConferenceWare.    $15,000
Total Estimated ROI Per Conference    $146,500

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