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eConferenceWare is offered as a stand-alone set of features that can be integrated into your existing conference or as a complete website offering. eConferenceWare is extremly flexible in it's design and presentation to allow a seamless user experience regardless of your current conference website experience. eConferenceWare is offered as a hosted service from JM Technology Solutions, Inc. or as a stand-alone software package that you can install on your existing network.

eConferenceWare as a stand-alone feature provides a tremendous return on your investment. If your conference chooses eConferenceWare, offering online advertising to businesses, the ability to view and download proceedings, attend online presentations, manage paper submissions and offer any of the other valuable features, the overall value and ROI of eConferenceWare increases dramatically.

How Does It Work?

Set it up - Conference Setup

    Work with the Add the new eConferenceWare staff to setup your new conference website within one week
    Login to the website and setup your basic website parameters - such as dates, administrators, etc.

Run it - Call for Papers, Accept Registrations, Accept Exhibitors

    E-mails, mailing lists created directing participants to the website; made to look and feel as if it were part of that organization´┐Żs website
    Manuscripts submitted online, forwarded to reviewer who reviews them online and then final documents forwarded back to the administrator - all online
    Updates/emails, if defined, would be automatically sent to authors, reviewers, etc.
    As attendees register, notifications are sent and all data is centrally stored for future reference
    As exhibitors sign-up, notifications are sent and all data is centrally stored for future reference

Improve It

    Data analysis and future planning is available with all the information online, the administrators can look at each conference and better plan for the next one by highlighting bottlenecks, etc.

Available Features

The feature list for Version 2.0 of eConferenceWare is listed below. There is additional information about each feature that can be obtained by clicking the [More Information] links.

eConferenceWare SecurityTM [More Information]
eConferenceWare PlatformTM [More Information]
eConferenceWare Attend OnlineTM [More Information]
eConferenceWare Document ManagerTM [More Information]
eConferenceWare Registration ManagerTM [More Information]
eConferenceWare Proceedings ManagerTM [More Information]
eConferenceWare Content ManagerTM [More Information]
eConferenceWare Exhibitor ManagerTM [More Information]
eConferenceWare User Profile ManagerTM [More Information]
eConferenceWare Document ConverterTM [More Information]
eConferenceWare AdministrationTM [More Information]
eConferenceWare Custom AddressTM [More Information]

eConferenceWare SecurityTM
Protecting user data and information is an extremely important feature of eConferenceWare. 128-bit SSL V3 cryptography is used for all "secure" communication between a user's browser and the eConferenceWare servers. eConferenceWare uses the industry standard, 128-bit SSL V3, to ensure all data is securly transferred over the Internet. 3DES ("Triple DES") encryption is used for storing of all sensitive user data such as credit card information. This ensures that all sensitive user data is unreadable unless it is accessed properly and securly through the eConferenceWare website. One-way hashes are used for storage of all passwords. Before allowing any user to access sensitive data within the eConferenceWare website, each user must enter a valid user ID and password. All passwords are hashed before storing them in the eConferenceWare database. Because a hash, or unique fingerprint, of the password is stored rather than an encrypted password, the passwords cannot be deciphered even if they are extracted from the database.

eConferenceWare PlatformTM

The basic conference platform supports several standard sections and provides unlimited flexibility. The architecture allows new technology and partnerships to be integrated very quickly and seemlessly. The basic conference template is very flexible and allows for each conference to incorporate specific sections that are relevant to that particular conference without extra fees and support costs. Each conference is given the standard eConferenceWare template and a certain number of customization hours to get the conference website up and functional. This allows each conference to put specific information on the conference website that is not included in the standard template but without the extra cost. Standard sections include:

    "About the Conference"
    "Conference Program"
    "Authors & Presenters"
    "Attend Online"
    "Online Registration"
    "Exhibitors & Sponsors"
    "E-mail Lists"
    "Conference Proceedings"
    "Site Map"
    "Personnel Only"

eConferenceWare Attend OnlineTM
Due to recent economic conditions, many corporations have limited business travel and, in many cases, prohibited non-essential business travel. eConferenceWare Attend OnlineTM is an easy-to-use feature that allows attendees to view and listen to presentations using a computer, as shown in the image below, and telephone. Presentations can range from "Keynote Speakers" to exhibitors to technical paper presentations. To assist in the preparation, online presenters can upload Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and they will be automatically converted to Internet-friendly images. The value of this feature will be different to every conference that uses it and it can be customized to meet your specific conference needs. eConferenceWare Attend OnlineTM, to allow an online attendee to achieve the same benefit as an onsite attendee, can provide online attendees with extended exhibitor/sponor information, detailed attendee information, access to the conference door prizes, etc.

eConferenceWare Document ManagerTM
Many conferences provide researchers and professionals the opportunity to present their findings or data at special forums throughout the conference. To manage the authors and presenters and their documents prior to the conference as they submit their documents for approval and review, as well as manage the documents to create an on-line program, eConferenceWare Document ManagerTM is available. eConferenceWare Document ManagerTM creates a paperless conference by using the Internet as a communication device between authors and presenters and conference personnel. As authors submit papers via the conference website, e-mail notifications are sent to conference personnel. As conference personnel review and comment on the papers, authors are updated instantly. By the time the conference starts, the conference website has a complete database of authors and their papers that can be distributed electronically throughout the conference and afterwards. The design of eConferenceWare Document ManagerTM enables every conference to customize their document management to support the most simple and the most complex paper lifecycles as shown below.

eConferenceWare Registration ManagerTM
Allowing conference attendees to register on-line saves time and money and reduces the number of mistakes made by manual data entry and processing. eConferenceWare Registration ManagerTM accepts registration data and notifies conference personnel immediately. Realtime reports can be run to view the number of attendees as well as publish details of each attendee for distribution to conference personnel and exhibitors.

eConferenceWare Proceedings ManagerTM
Conference attendees, and individuals who cannot attend but would like a copy of the conference proceedings, can purchase and download electronic copies of the conference proceedings using eConferenceWare Proceedings ManagerTM. Conference personnel are notified via e-mail when proceedings are purchased as well as when they are downloaded.

eConferenceWare Content ManagerTM
Many conferences change their daily schedules, policies, contact information, etc. on a very regular basis. To allow conference personnel to update the website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without special assistance, eConferenceWare Content ManagerTM can be used. Conference personnel are notified via e-mail when information is changed and the changes are seen immediately.

eConferenceWare Exhibitor ManagerTM
As conferences become more dependent on commercial support to increase attendance and generate revenue, ensuring that exhibitors receive quality services will be extremely important. eConferenceWare Exhibitor ManagerTM provides an on-line interface for exhibitors to register as an exhibitor, select their exhibition hall booth, choose whether or not to sponsor certain conference events, receive important information and display advertising banners throughout the conference website. As exhibitors provide information, it is displayed to conference attendees through the conference website ensuring accurate information and advertising banners at all times resulting in increased conference attendance and exhibitor participation.

eConferenceWare User Profile ManagerTM
As the conference website is used to process registrations, exhibitors and authors, a centralized database of user information is created. With the use of the eConferenceWare User Profile ManagerTM, conference personnel have access to all of the important information about each individual involved and centralized e-mail lists are maintained automatically to allow e-mail notifications to be sent to attendees, authors, exhibitors, etc. All user information is stored securely and the use of information is carefully monitored to ensure it is only used by authorized conference personnel.

eConferenceWare Document ConverterTM
Sharing documents over the Internet is extremely convenient. However, because there are so many different kinds of computers and software used, sharing documents can still be challenging and frustrating. To allieviate some of the frustration, eConferenceWare Document ConverterTM is used to convert user documents to Internet-friendly formats such as Adobe PDF and GIF. Document ConverterTM is very easy to use and is completly web-based and real-time.

eConferenceWare AdministrationTM
The groups of people that are responsible for making sure the conference runs smoothly have a special section within eConferenceWare that allows them to perform the following tasks:

    manage registrations
    manage documents
    manage proceedings purchases
    manage exhibitors/sponsors
    manage all website user information and e-mail lists
    view realtime website statistics
    edit pages and data within the conference website at any time

eConferenceWare Custom AddressTM
Each website is given the choice to use an eConferenceWare URL, such as, or a unique URL, such as" as the website URL. The URL is the "address" or "telephone number" of the conference. eConferenceWare is flexible with regards to the URL the conference wants to use as it's "Internet address". In addition, eConferenceWare Custom AddressTM provides the ability to have any number of conference E-mail addresses, such as, that are automatically forwarded to the appropriate conference personnel.

For more information and to see it for yourself, please visit our Demonstration Conference.